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Hi, I’m Nat, and I celebrate the joyous and the audacious.

Humanist weddings honour and uplift all of the most important things in life – that’s to say, being who you are, love and connection, fabulous style and even more fabulous celebrations…!

I have always been a humanist, and when me and my husband married a decade ago, our first thought was to have a humanist wedding ceremony. I trained to be a wedding celebrant because I wanted to help other couples feel as truly excited about their ceremony as I did. It was hands down the best part of our day! 

Nat, everyone was so obsessed with you - literally like who the hell was that comedian legend!- & how beautifully you told our story & got everyone crying...


The infinite variety of a humanist wedding ceremony

A bride and groom laugh during the best ring exchange ever, in their humanist wedding ceremony led by leading wedding celebrant Nat Raybould.

I have written ceremonies with musical premieres, original poems, communal singalongs, secret collaborations with friends and family, communal shots, surprise choirs, brass band flashmobs, a coin toss to decide on a shared surname, and even a casual Rick-Roll

– the possibilities for your unique ceremony are endless. I have only one rule: if something is authentically 100% “YOU”, it must and will be included!

Words matter, and what you say and hear in your wedding ceremony matters. It is my job to read you like a card sharp, hear all about your stories and glories, and curate a ceremony for you that is like no other.

The award-winning humanist wedding celebrant with a musical twist

In my former life as a contemporary soprano, I sang opera and theatre works at the highest level for decades (have a Google), and that wealth of experience in performance and improvisation taught me how important and precious the present moment is. And what is a wedding but the ultimate communal celebration of the present moment? With my musician head on, I can advise on song and musician choices, project with ease in an outdoor ceremony for 250 people, and (although I’ve not been asked yet) I would very happily sing your ring vows for you…!

Last year, I won the title UK Industry Star at the RSVP Club Awards. These awards are voted for by highly respected global industry professionals, most of whom have been working in luxury weddings for decades. I am very proud of the gold standard service I provide for my couples, which is a combination of my training, my extensive experience, and my unique creative vision, and having that work recognised was a huge honour.

As you may have guessed by now, there are no register office limited templates here! Every element of your bespoke ceremony will come from meetings & discussion with you, and every word will showcase your unique relationship. Both the creation process and the ceremony itself will be unforgettable – exactly as it should be.

I don’t write your story. You do that, every day. I tell your story – in the way that is perfect for you – on that one day when you two are to be celebrated above all others.

Nat is love & sunshine in human form, & she will care for you, your partner, your story & your future. Nat makes magic, & it's because she is magic.


Usually on About Me pages you will find a list of things that that person loves to do, or fun facts about them.

I love so many things and discover so much new stuff that I adore all the time! – I’d find it impossible to sum up all of my varied enthusiasms in just a few sentences! So instead, I have created a monthly newsletter called Nat Raybould Loves. It’s a gossipy gallop through a selection of fabulous discoveries I have obsessed about over the last month. Expect talk of theatre openings, book releases, shoe reviews, even the odd weddingy snippet: and make no mistake, it will contain exclamation marks!

If that sounds like your kind of caper, do sign up here:

Nat is made to be a wedding celebrant! She is full of energy, enthusiasm and pure LOVE.

We had so many compliments from guests who said it was the most entertaining and enjoyable ceremony they’d been to. We are eternally grateful, Nat – thank you so much!