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Hi! I’m Nat,

a wedding celebrant & a huge YOU enthusiast.

I am delighted that you are considering a humanist wedding ceremony!

An image of Nat Raybould, a humanist wedding celebrant in London. She specialises in chic city weddings for stylish and creative couples

I adore every single detail of a wedding day, but the ceremony: well, that’s the best bit. Honestly, what could be better than expressing your mutual love and commitment – uniquely, clearly and memorably – in a place that speaks to you, enfolded by everyone that you love?

Your ceremony should be the beating heart of your wedding day.

It deserves to be elevated into something utterly bespoke, created especially for you. I’ll tailor your wedding ceremony so that it fits you as perfectly as haute couture. It will accentuate your favourite bits, be utterly eye-catching and – of course! – chic AF.

"The Mary Poppins of Celebrants"


There’s nothing I like more than a love story.

Being a wedding celebrant is my dream job, as it means I can be professionally nosy with impunity. But, more than that, I am so lucky that I get to collaborate with incredible couples who love fiercely and live unapologetically; who delight in the eclectic, celebrate the eccentric, and allow me to become their ultimate hypewoman.

I work with a strictly limited number of couples each year.

The very best things in life take time, and crafting your ceremony is no different. We meet, chat about anything and everything, and really get to know each other. We will then create – together – a bespoke wedding ceremony that will celebrate every aspect of your unique relationship.

“You were our number one priority before we’d even confirmed a date”


Humanism rejoices in the here and now, and the beauty that is all around us.

A humanist wedding ceremony centres you, the couple. Your passions, beliefs, joys, and values shape both the content and the style of the ceremony with a modern and intentional approach, celebrating or re-making traditions as appropriate.

The result: a wedding ceremony that matches you to a tee!